Lab Results

Twin-Ports-Test-Report-7-26-12Test Results and Data

You've heard all about wood pellets and how they can help you heat your home while saving money, time, and effort. It sounds like the benefits are clear – but how can you know for sure that you're making the right choice, and that Vermont Wood Pellets are right for you?

Seeing cold, hard data can help with that. And we have plenty of test results and lab reports to back up our belief that Vermont Wood Pellet Co. makes the best super-premium pellet fuel on the market today. Low ash content, high BTU – the numbers are in, and they show that Vermont Wood Pellets are just what you're looking for.

We regularly send samples of our pellets to a respected independent testing facility to be graded on a wide variety of points, everything from thermal output in BTUs to moisture content to chemicals present in the mix (there are none; only what is in the wood when it comes to us is in the pellets that go out to you).

Check out the latest lab results, and get in touch if you'd like to learn more.

Our BTUs are at an all-time high!